Where Are You Running?

Riley Coules
June 13, 2017

Some amateur poetry of mine to get a point across…


Wherever you go, your subconscious will follow.

The empty bottle

The unabridged horizon

The synthetic smile

Your perceptions of then easily masked by the perception of now.


The undercover Ego

The sly lower self

The ease with which you perceive external fault

(Really your insecurity, your shame)

Constructs the veil you proudly wear.


The vision of the future

The unacknowledged now

Your dreams are a vice

You’re searching, but what for?


Your methods of self-protection

The reflection of yourself you fail to recognize within others

The future will not save you

All answers lie within, now.


You’re lying to yourself, yet you think your vision is clear.

Where are you running?

All you must do is subjugate your fears.


Wherever you go, your subconscious will follow.

It can’t catch up to you; it’s already there.