The Undercover Ego

Here’s a good example of the undercover Ego:

Social norms standardize acceptable and unacceptable behavior, often as it relates to the sexes. The media is one good example of this phenomena. Even in modern-day America, the majority of advertisements selling household products feature women. Likewise, commercials highlighting male machoism tend to revolve around labor, sports, meat-consumption (specifically steak, brats, and burgers- “man meat”), trucks, beer, etc. Women drink “Skinny Chick” products and go to the mall to buy stuff. Men take care of their women and act like children who play video games and can’t pick up after themselves (seems a little bit contradictory, right?). Neither sex benefits from this schema; all who witness the male and female dynamics purported by the entertainment industry treat these standards as ideal, which are mirrored in The Ego. Men in general tend to find it difficult to express emotion because they are taught it is a sign of weakness. This is not a biological trait, and is actually quite detrimental to male health considering the role suppressed emotion plays in the fruition of illness. I have known many men in relationships of mine, both romantic and platonic, who struggle to find an outlet for their feelings; it usually manifests as anger, quietude, or quite frankly, child-like tendencies (the higher self is suffocated). The subversive Ego lies in the strict adherence to a “no-show” attitude regarding their emotions, in which they cannot express pain for they fear the weakness associated with such a condition. Unfortunately, even positive emotion, such as love, remains elusive as well.


The urge for men in our society? To dominate. The disposition to dominate tends to negate emotional displays of affection- “weakness”- because this puts men in a vulnerable position.


he male-female dynamic of sexual pursuit ironically purports male domination despite defensive role of women in the “game” (side note: why don’t we all stop playing each other and start valuing the unique offerings of the mind? It’s such a turn off when I can tell someone is just trying to get in my pants). Even spiritual ideologies will have you believe “divine feminism” and “divine masculinity” highlight intrinsic qualities of each sex. What does this do for The Ego? Women and men aspire to fulfill the “ideal” conceptions of each sex (which never even consider other genders, such as trans women and men), and when they don’t, they feel insecure. They may consequently project their insecurities onto others through one