The Natural And The Unnatural

Riley Coules
January 8, 2017

Because homeopathy and other (often illegal) holistic forms of healing stem from nature, they work with the vital force to restore the entire being back into its natural state. This occurs in a synchronized manner, in which the vital force heals backward toward the source of illness, toward the source of unabridged health, before disharmony is admonished altogether. All fears and negative mentalities that arise out of illness will dissipate with the healing process; so will any accompanying anxiety, depression, and compulsions.


If you chronically feel disconnected to others but want to feel connected to them, that is not you. You are a being naturally affiliated with other beings, as we all stem from the same source; your inability to feel the worth of their presence is, then, unnatural. Even if self-interest predominates your make-up, you should be able to relate to “your people” once you find them, even if your childhood has been mangled by negligence. Love feeds us, fills us, and promotes the sense of well-being we need in order to thrive. You must unearth the emotion that subjugates your ability to feel.


You may not feel disconnected those around you, but from yourself or your life; this too is unnatural. Your current life is the vehicle through which you acquire wisdom and lighten your soul. Your body knows this because your subconscious knows this. You cannot disconnect from the soul even if you tried.

Unlike the pharmaceuticals that drive illness deeper within and thus allow the unacknowledged to subsist as such, natural forms of medicine and Illness allows us to not only work through our lower immoral selves, but the qualities we must subjugate to elevate. Because stability comes easily in good health, we may never have to acknowledge these qualities and thus they may remain veiled for the good majority of our lives. Fears of death often only arise once death nears. One benefit of disharmony then, is that the exacerbation of the lower self may lead to the conquering of the lower self. Morality is always a choice.

not just about being happy, its about knowing how to make yourself happy by knowing what gets you down

so many fears- fear of the body, fear of the present, fear of the future- and I couldn’t escape it. I couldn’t even sleep. It was so hard and there was so much emotion involved. I was stuck.