The Higher Self And The Good Versus Evil Model

 Riley Coules
September 15, 2016

I’ve noticed a theme in the methodology I use to fully embody my highest self: it takes a really long time, and sometimes a push from The Soul, to get where I know I need to be. The key here is I know how to thwart my lower tendencies once I see how I’ve permitted them to confound my journey, but I tend to resist anyway- for the same reasons anyone resists growth, really: comfort, personal benefit, and habit lie in stasis. The common thread amongst these modalities, fear, suggests that an added element of the unknown controls us more than we’re often aware of (or would like to admit), even as the most immediate path to transcendency unfolds; the avenue to shedding a former persona is not limited to adopting a new one. The covert instrument of self-destruction not only begs the question, how do I alter this affection so that it serves me? but also, how do I alter my propensity to transform so that I serve me? The will to love ourselves- or lack thereof- ensures that we struggle, both to let go of the lower qualities that falsely satisfy us as well to contrive the potentially-faulty foundations on which we must build our strength, especially if we’ve never been tested to trust our own will before (or The Soul, for that matter). But taking this leap of faith isn’t as frightening as it seems, for we have been taken care of by entities beyond. While we may not control what hardship we will face or who will hurt us in this lifetime, we do control how we recover, and surely elevate- ourselves and others too (think The Ego). No matter the method utilized, all outputs will embody the values of The Soul, for vitality originates here. Fully harnessing the light within presupposes solidifying the authentic, whole self, from which the negation of evil forces, those that prevent the formation of the higher, necessarily follows; threats to homeostasis cannot coerce products of the good once fulfillment has taken hold.

Unification strengthens the self as it strengthens the sum of all parts.


We enter this world as feeble-minded inklings of the light we will incarnate in this lifetime; our souls, however, range from young to old, from unevolved to wise, and as we grow in the current bodies we inhabit, our souls expand with us according to the overarching lessons we are meant to master (a premise compatible with free will; a solid destination does not solidify mechanisms of the journey). Fully embodying the luminescence within will take numerous life cycles to enact, the specific number of which varies from soul to soul; in any event, the highest version of the self entails the negation of all lesser qualities in favor of those that give way to connectivity, that which binds the earthly self to the soulful self, as well as the soulful self to others. At its strongest, the interwoven complex of souls- some learned and some learning, some whole and others not quite there- known as The Soul, constitutes a network of authenticity, as all fulfill their inherent value, and furthermore love themselves enough in order to do so. Compassion and respect thrive here, as does the recognition of the worth of individual life; harm cannot be committed when emotions transgress intrapersonal boundaries, and flourish at their origin. Restoring the mind and body, thus, does wonders to restore unifying mechanisms; uprooting suppressed emotion- not surprisingly, but notably- reinstates the ability to feel.


The philosophy of the highest self contains the premise that all negativity, including our lower ‘characteristics’, are done onto us, as the core of the individual- the whole soul- is composed of light and only light. We are not negative, we are not mean, nor depressed, nor anxious, nor irritable; we are not thieves, we are not greedy, nor are we alcoholics, drug abusers, or ‘addicted’ to any apparatus extrinsic to us; we are not worthless, we are not helpless, nor unfixable or stuck; we are merely temporarily inhibited by conditions that will ultimately guide us into growth, into the truest self- conditions that Western society often, in fact, perpetuates, as a reflection of the lesser circumstances, and thus lesser qualities, it helps to exacerbate. “Society”- in effect, the condition of the masses- supports the sequence of trauma by instigating, as well as sustaining, disorder within the body and mind, as one front necessarily reflects the other. We do not heal our people properly, nor do we prevent them from getting sick; from the moment our children are born, we feed them baby food flavored with substances that ought to be whole (Gerber’s berry “puffs” prove rather fitting), treat their diaper rashes with antifungals (the beginnings of suppression), fluoridate their toothpaste under the guise of health (when doing so promotes just the opposite), “enhance their wellbeing” with Flinstones vitamins (cyanocobalamin- rather, cyanide- is acceptable in small doses, according to the FDA), satisfy their toddler appetites with powdered mac n’ cheese, frozen chicken strips, pop tarts, and fast food- all of which contribute to said disorder, if not effect it in totality. Then, once we’ve sufficiently weakened the body’s natural defenses over time with faulty nutrition, we treat the resulting manifestations of ill-health with drugs, drugs that only further inhibit the actualization of the true self, that which can only emerge once unhindered by toxicity, and unhindered by suppression- too, in body and mind. 


Trauma of other kinds, of course, play a role in the expression of malady, which is not purely external- or physical- but a combination of a compromised vital force intermingled with befitting threats to homeostasis, those that arise just at the right time or otherwise lie dormant until vulnerability draws them inward. Some potential traumas are inevitable or unintentional; the death of a loved one, for example, or a misguided act of another learning soul, may necessarily, however unfortunately, incite disequilibrium. Other perils are, like the chemicals rampant in socially-acceptable (and lawful) processed foods, evil in that they deliberately defunct the formation of the higher. Take, for example, gender norms. We have our men so out of touch with their emotions they can’t even get in touch with themselves, and women so objectified that their emotions don’t matter (they’re irrational- or excessive- anyway). By placing men on the superlative end of dominate-submissive schema with a concomitant inability to feel for others- a premise that naturally follows emotional suppression- alphaism thrives, along with the tangible, as exemplified by indoctrinating principles. Spirituality- not religion, as it presents itself dogmatically (I am aware other forms exist)- requires a connection to the self, with the added component of sentimental availability. Thus, the patriarchy, along with the dominance of principal, fosters conformity in thought and conformity in self-expression. Our young men learn from a very young age not to express their emotions, the core of who they are, for fear of ridicule. 

The stigmatization of homosexuality too suppresses the expression of genuine emotion, and thus the genuine self. 

We don’t want censorship, but a propensity toward love; heinous acts should only exist at a minute level within the quote “entertainment” industry because the people are so vexed by their fruition. We only think we’re reflecting what actually goes on in society because we’re told it does; if these acts were deemed unacceptable, the worst poeple would get would be our best


Homeopathy- not veganism; the majority of practitioners utilize medicines derived from animals- does not require plant-based eating in order to work, but it will heal the damage refined meat and dairy products evoke on their consumers, as opposed to the allergy and asthmatic medications that further disrupt the tumbling-dice effect of corporeal processes. The body (and mind) must detoxify from the chemicals and dyes that are oh-so-common in processed foods, both plant-based and animal-derived alike; because they exist in minute degrees in nearly all products of mass production, they burden the body with toxicity as a whole, despite the FDA’s regard to them as safe. And why are these substances OK? Sure, Americans can choose what they put in their bodies, as well as that of their children, but why does the government allow such harmful products in the foods that propagate our nation’s stores in the first place? 

Our government is just as guilty as the companies that know full well what they’re doing to our nation’s children well, they just don’t care. Or maybe they don’t care enough to, until people start making a stink of it. Notice the brands that have organic and non-organic options…  What a sham. America has reduced its status to a corporation, thanks to the unethical conduct of its governmental bodies designed to keep the people safe and healthy. Have you seen Gerber website? Their mission sounds a lot less sinister than the ingredients in their products. Surprisingly, they don’t 

(with plenty of harm done onto animals in the process, no less; Tyson is evil)

and its cheap

All of which the body must detoxify from

The way in which the masses function serves to suppress the fruition of the higher, simply because it forces us to get in touch with “reality”- nor really, prosperity- and out of touch with ourselves.

men have to suppress their emotions- explain how this affects homopathy

lack of self love – evil

We cannot incarnate the full scope of the higher until we dominate all negative outside influences, including lower inversions of qualities intrinsic to the soul… lesser tendencies will cease to exist once the whole soul is aware of every facet of the self. Modifications of The Soul, such as an individual’s momentary expression of extrinsic darkness, do not necessarily preconceive evil; rather, these factors, which extend to mistakes made by others that hurt us, as well as our own, inevitably arise out of a world full of learning souls. Furthermore, they reflect qualities that have yet to be solidified. Temperaments that fulfill their intrinsicity- wherein their expression become habitual without forethought etc cannot b

Some influences themselves may have been persuaded by evil, such as yeast when given the opportunity to proliferate into its fungal form (these are young, vulnerable souls who have many, many lives to learn). A few of these soulful beings will turn soulless, permanently embracing darkness due to the ease with which energy can be obtained through stealing the light of weaker souls.

miasms a reflection of permanent evil


Don’t let the ease of theft fool you; those who live for the benefit of themselves perpetually stand alone. While souls must manifest their own energy at their own hand to fulfill their light, the protection altruistic unity brings facilitates eternal prosperity, a stance opposing forces can never assume. Influences beyond The Soul, such as demons (and parasites), stem from the same lowly place that the soulless individuals who walk amongst us do, those we call sociopaths, the “unfeeling”: the realm of Evil. These organisms project the negativity within the depths of their dark nature onto us with the sole intent to feed off of us, for evil operates on the offensive and can only thrive off of the energy of The Good. This world was created by The Good, and so remains good itself; however, because The Good holds sovereignty, it must defend itself against the corruption of evil bodies in their objective to secure control. The Good maintains this rule due to the resilience of altruistic unitylove creates a bond that evil cannot mimic, for Evil operates under self-interest and self-interest alone. The framework on which negative forces function will ultimately lead to their demise so long as victimized individuals retain their light through the adherence to morality.


The weakness of evil presupposes cowardly methodologies to gain power: bottom-feeding that is, preying on the vulnerable) and fear mongering. Evil cannot penetrate The Good using just means as the protection of unity repels all self-interest. Sure, evil forces may conspire together to seize the energy of altruism, but these entities will always fall short due to the partisan foundations false collectivism cannot guise; selfishness on the part of one will ultimately lead to the destruction of the whole. Evil cannot create energy, only capture it, for The Good manifests all vitality and with that the energy all life must use to exist; evil relinquished this luxury upon divorcing The Good. The creatures evil creates do not contain souls and thus do not contain life; like lower qualities, these creatures are merely inversions of soulful beings. Furthermore, energy is derived from self-work, which all souls share in their journey to wholly embody their light; evil does not strive for improvement and thus cannot generate its own source of stamina. The soulless, then, must acquire their energy through The Good; this can only be achieved during a soul’s time of weakness.


When souls engage in negative acts whilst learning, they temporarily weaken their bond to all forms of life, opening up the door for evil to penetrate their light. Similarly, when illness exacerbates the lower self, the soul is more vulnerable to outside influences (due to emotional detachment, an inability to connect with others, a highlighted Ego, etc.). The Ego drives evil; the higher self, collectivism. Thus, when one defies the nature of The Good in favor of feeding The Ego, unity no longer shields the soul from negative forces. Evil takes advantage of this decrepit state by feeding off of the soul’s momentary production of negative energy. While an evolved, whole soul only manifests positive energy, the negative energy of temporarily-inverted high qualities done onto an individual will leave them vulnerable to outside influences; however, this only provides more opportunity for growth, as well as a greater appreciation for the light, from which its manifestation can be conducted with ease.


An effective means of obtaining energy lies in the installation of fear through systematic, subliminal avenues. Guaranteed the “humans” that run the world, enterprising war, death, and destruction, originate from the same realm as the demons we fear so greatly. Parasites are known to drive their hosts into acts they might not otherwise engage in, such as consuming the foods that readily feed their inhabitants; demonic forces also manipulate souls through possession. Evil exists everywhere in the world, thriving off of ignorance perpetuated by distraction (the media, social platforms, celebriality, etc.) and the subjugation of unity-minded moral values through these vehicles, in which image trumps the quest for the higher self. Image itself is divisive, in that real connectivity lies in soul-to-soul contact, in which an individual is valued for the totality of their being, the light they have to offer, as opposed to the earthy, fleeting, inconsequential nature of the outer shell. Manipulation of the outer shell, through false renditions of beauty, promotes conformity and the dismantling of the values of The Good… it’s no wonder American politics aims to segregate with a two-party system, selective media, and a particular affinity to report on the insignificant. By healing our suffering through natural means, spreading awareness of injustice, and building each other up as opposed to tearing each other down, we can protect ourselves from the evil forces that attempt to dominate this world. All we must do is choose morality now and we will remain untouchable- on the defensive, as we have always been.


Evil functions to destroy the foundations on which we build our strength: the formulation of the higher self. The Ego dominates during a soul’s time of distress; thus, the soul must fight the urge to satisfy the self when doing so proves most appealing. Evil only aims to wreak havoc, to divide and conquer; all us souls must do, then, is unify. Once we accept that restoration exclusively entails nourishment- of the self (the body, mind, and soul), as well as others- we can release our attachment self-interested principles, which not only comprise immoral acts, but the fabrications of prosperity our society holds so dear. These falsehoods only serve to spawn division, a direct violation of the nature of The Good, which holds that strength lies in the altruism of unity, for unity bears love. Freeing the mind of earthly desires and fears, including the selfishness the material world preserves, will affirm the infinity of the soul and with it the infinite capacity of the earthly mind to realize truths.