Phase One: Arsenicum Album

Phase Two: Ignatia Amara

Phase Three: Phosphorus (Miasm Remedy*)

Phase Four: Sulphur (Miasm Remedy–Coming Soon)

*Miasm remedies should initiate treatment, as they notably prevent symptoms of other remedies from coming back whilst minimizing one’s susceptibility to developing further disease. Psoric miasms in particular are the never well since components of chronic cases; their presence explains why you still feel like a sick person even as you’re healing with other, non-miasm remedies. Phosphorus should have begun my treatment because it prevented the regression of my symptoms associated with Arsenicum Album, Ignatia, and Sulphur. However, because my case was so confused, and my discomfort so troublesome, I jumped back and forth between between a few remedies–even taking two at the same time, which is only necessary when the vital force is seriously depleted–until finally settling on Phosphorus, from which I finished any remaining sentiments associated with Arsenicum Album, Ignatia, and Sulphur.