How Illness Exacerbates The Lower Self

While we can all agree good health fosters prosperity, illness in some ways contributes to the enactment of the higher self. Trial and tribulation forces growth, lest stasis compel one into constant negativity. Here

each stage brings on new form of lower self/altered personality


THE MIND IS WHAT MAKES EVERYTHING WORSE- proof of the MB connection- if you gave me my body with my healthy mind I wouldn’t care/be afraid- it’s the sentiments the body infringes upon the mind that is so scary

if you (you?) had put me in a body with an unaffected mind

The lower self is exacerbated.


The Ego is highlighted. Note the difference between The Ego and the lower self; The Ego is apart of the lower self, but the lower self is not all Ego. Some facets of the lower self concern solely the individual that holds it.


undercover ego


Disconnection. Satisfaction of the self often ensues.


Suicidal/depressive tendencies. Before you think emotions aren’t enough to perpetuate not living/suicidal thoughts think about this: what do you have if you don’t have perception? Still not afraid to die, just want tinge here. You don’t choose your emotions, yes you can choose how you feel about present circumstances but when something is completely tarnishing your everyday outlook you can’t just recover your emotions


Physical limitations.


Fears are amplified; new ones arise.


Reaction. teaches you not to react. again, growing tolerance. low tolerance, must contrive your tolerance


Morality is all the more difficult to attain; however, achieving it solidifies it. The Growingg Tolerance Phenomena. Always questioning morality. choose others at your lowest, all the more easier to do so at your highest



Escapism fostered. Can’t handle anything


body is not listened to/ signals fucked up. if you’re not really feeling something, will still eat it because something inside of you is compelling you to do so.


can’t be alone/always isolating.


disconnected- so many layers


Afraid of body

The vegan diet is like homeopathy- is every expression of nature going to work the best for you? No. But it is nature

Baby analogy
you are special- it’s not just about me, it’s about you and me

grateful to just be; so pure, so perfect

If we equate vitality to living then I was dead
I’m like a really experienced baby
See friends from high school and I’m like what the fuck have I been through