Why Go Vegan While Cleansing (And Beyond): A Spiritual Standpoint

Riley Coules

Because I advocate healing on all planes- the body, mind, and soul- I must abide by the principle that grounds all of my spiritual beliefs, those that ‘wholly’ define me: above all else, do no harm. By going vegan, you will do no harm to, and in fact elevate, your physical self (the body), your mental self (the mind), and every inhabitant on this earth (the soul). As a product of The Good, the elevated soul aims to unify by negating harm to all other creatures; one part cannot suffer for the strength of the whole. Similarly, self-interest as a precursor for evil necessitates division, as harmful acts always disconnect victims from perpetrators. In a world where no beings dominate others, all exploitation of the light of souls will cease, and within this context, our higher selves will not harbor the energy of “weaker” souls in order to flourish. Thankfully, we do not have to choose between prosperity and humanity; despite preconceptions surrounding veganism, we can each thrive off 0f the land The Good has provided (and benefit that land simultaneously). The plant-based diet embraces give and take, and taking doesn’t even require immorality- rather, working together to promote the welfare of one another.


Regardless of the evil grounds the mass production of meat operates on, many good people consume it due to the influence of social norms and misinformation (which itself is evil when meant to act as a veil); we cannot blame the majority for abiding by a system that glorifies slaughter. Conditioning ultimately leads to the belief that nutrition necessitates meat consumption, habit keeps us craving the flesh of those considered beneath us, and concealment perpetuates ignorance to the horror of their massacre.

In The Role Of Parasites In The Good Versus Evil Debate, I elaborate on the greater implications of pathogenic infection in terms of its ability to inhibit the expansion of a soul. While overcoming the physical ramifications of overgrowth may prove trying, the mental effects of this condition and their subsequent alteration of the personality indicate how truly sinister it is. Considering parasites achieve this status through thievery– feeding off of the light of souls and thereby stealing what is not theirs to take-

I also question why we continue to compare our methods of living with that of our ancestors when our mentalities differ so greatly… We have it in our power now to end suffering because we have evolved past barbaric principles. What if when this world came to be we were “supposed to” consume plant-based foods, or eventually do so, and concomitant with many misguided value systems of our ancestors (resulting in slavery, oppression of authentic identity in favor of conformity, anti-gay, anti-female, anti-deviant value systems, etc.), we chose death and destruction over peace? Maybe we were forced to consume animals when poor conditions “necessitated” it, such as that experienced during the winter- but in accordance with the notion that we are moving towards enlightenment, that we have now stabilized resources and evolved past the confines of barbaric times, we can now decide to end suffering the way we are meant to. 


How could you watch an animal die? Knowing you don’t have to

surely have the value not to choose yourself over others. You wouldn’t want to suffer

The packaged meat at the grocery store veils the horror, smiling faces of commercialized meat, etc

ehats really happening is another soul is dying

More than just a means of detoxification, the plant-based diet stimulates rejuvenation of the entire being

think of your dog would you kill it whats the difference

could you kill an animal

how do you feel when you’re hurt?