Body, Mind, And Soul

Riley Coules
January 8, 2017

You exist in your mind. Your body is merely the vessel through which you experience this  lifetime; when you enter the realm beyond, you will return back to the image of yourself you possessed before entering this world: a mere soul. I can’t speak to how this soul appears exactly, but I know it resembles a light; regardless of its imagery, you are not identifiable by your physicality directly- rather, your manipulation of your physicality exudes you, your essence, that which stems from the soul. For example, when you smile (and hopefully do it often), you express your light, but the appearance of that smile is not you because it will change from lifetime to lifetime. Similarly, the clothes you wear, the unspoken words in your eyes- these are all manifestations of you, which again, can only be found in the mind and thus the soul. The mind isn’t the soul per se, but the mode through which it is fully expressed. The mind makes the decisions that lead to the higher self, while the soul is the higher self.


The body plays an important role in the manifestation of the higher self nonetheless. It is the vehicle through which we interpret sensory experiences, which will foster our understanding of the mechanisms through which this realm and the people who inhabit it operate.


Because the body is a vessel and an extension of the soul, through which the path to morality is uncovered, it is connected to the soul.